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The Witcher 3 : Heart of Stone


Hearts of Stone will take Geralt on an all-new, 10-hour-plus adventure into the wilds of No Man's Land and the nooks and alleys of Oxenfurt, where he’ll try to complete a contract from the mysterious Man of Glass. Caught in a thick tangle of deceit, Geralt will need all his cunning and strength to solve the mystery and emerge unscathed.
Hearts of Stone is about taking the stoic, stone-like wall Geralt has always presented to his compatriots and to us, and bringing it crumbling down. The result is a Geralt quite unlike the one we’re used to, and one of the warmest, most human story threads in all of the Witcher 3.
Hearts of Stone does everything right on the gameplay side of things. Arachnomorphs, the new enemy type, are a blast to fight. They have the mobility to keep their distance from Geralt until they can web you from afar and engage on their terms, and if you try to disable and focus down one of them, the rest will swarm in to protect their own.
This same sophistication can be seen in the bosses you’ll fight during your 10 to 15-hour journey. From a giant, mutated, poison-spewing toad to the tornado conjuring Ofieri Sand Mage, all the new enemies introduced in Hearts of Stone put up more interesting fights than most of what was found in The Wild Hunt.wdlc
One of those stories is of an Ofieri merchant who waxes poetic about the beauty of his far-off homeland. He also introduces the new Runewords mechanic, which allows you to apply powerful, unique buffs to your gear by combining three existing runes. More than straight-line stat upgrades, these actually alter or break the normal rules of combat in ways that changed how I played. I went for one that granted a huge boost to health and stamina regen once I hit max adrenaline, and immediately switched my build around to focus on generating adrenaline so I could go mad with power once the runeword kicked in.

But the true star of Hearts of Stone is the story, which finds believable ways to put Geralt into new situations you wouldn’t expect to see him in, like making a speech at a wedding, or willfully working with others to plan a heist. It introduces great new characters like von Everec, and breathes new life into the enigmatic Gaunter O’Dimm and Shani, who some might remember from the first Witcher game.

.Things you wouldn’t want to miss:
1.The story is just fabulous
2.The new enemy type Arachnomorphs

Things you would want to miss:
1.Minor Bugs (hardly a few )

GMR Rating

Replay value-4
Total Rating- 4.8/5

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