Vedalam (Aavesham) Review

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Vedalam (Vedhalam)  is an upcoming 2015 Indian Tamil action-masala film written and directed by Siva, and produced by S. Aishwarya. Ajith Kumar and Shruti Haasan play the lead roles, with Lakshmi Menon, Ashwin Kakumanu, and Kabir Duhan Singh among others, appearing in supporting roles. Anirudh Ravichander composed the film's music and background score, while Vetri and Ruben were the film's cinematographer and editor respectively. The film's Telugu dubbed version titled Aavesham is also releasing on Diwali.


Some of the comedy scenes (headed by the likes of Soori, Kovai Sarala, Rajendran, Balasaravanan, Swaminathan, Sivabalan) don’t work out as intended and the sentiment scenes go overboard into the melodramatic territory. The film doesn't engage consistently as intended. Shruti Haasan has the interestingly filmed ‘Don’t You Mess With Me’ song where she has been showcased like the dream girl that she is. The locations and glossy feel of this song are in contrast to the general gritty tone of the film. The way this song traverses is interesting, with a 'hate to love' journey portrayed through it. Ashwin gets a small role as Shruti’s brother who falls for Lakshmi’s goodness.



Ajith has done a great job ,In the first half of the movie you really connect to the story.Shruti Hasan and Lakshmi Menon have also delivered a great performance.


  1. Emotional 2nd Half
  2. The story is Unique


  1. The pre-climax and climax are similar
  2. The Ending could be guessed easily

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