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November 16, 2015 altafhssn48


GMReviews had a Q&A Session with one of the Core Members of The Award Winning Team Signal Games (TSG) .Their Game OPUS: The Day We Found Earth has received a Rating of 4.5 stars ( ~5200 Reviews )

Who all are involved in the making of the Game?

Team Signal currently has four core members, Brian Lee, Scott Chen, Max Chen and me, Sam Chen. Brian and Scott are the founding members, whereas Max and I are the new guys. This is the first game the four of us put out, but Team Signal has three titles prior to OPUS. Castle Rider, Hyper Square and Earthworm Alchemy. For OPUS, Brian is the producer/writer/artist, Scott is the Designer, Max is the programmer and I'm the ux/artist.

What inspired you to create this Game (OPUS)?

The idea came from a brainstorm session we had shortly after launching Earthworm Alchemy. Previous TS titles have been twitchy arcade stuff, so this time we wanted to focus more on delivering an engaging story experience. The idea started off as a meditative stargazing game, but eventually we fleshed out the story to give it some context.

What is the best part of the Game according to you?

Personally I really enjoy the final chapter of the game, as this is what the whole story was building up to, so the climax does pack some punch. Even now I still get goosebumps when I reach this part of the game during a QA session!

Do you think this is the reason why your game is better than other games of the same Genre?

Better is a pretty strong word! But judging by the feedback we've received so far, I am confident to say that OPUS stands out, be it good or bad. I suspect the reason is the effort we spent making the story and music cohesive. The rest is just icing on the cake. Another reason it stands out is probably because it doesn't quite fit into any genre in particular, that's one of the most common reactions we observed.

What's your favorite Game?

Personally I like action games with a strong personal style and deep lore. Currently I'm playing Dark Souls 2 (already beat 1) and I have to say the Souls series is probably my favorite in the past 5 years at least

What are your future Projects?

We're not quite sure yet! But we do intend to explore narratives in games further, as there are still heaps to experiment in this area, especially in the mobile space.

How was The Team that you have now formed?

Brian and Scott were classmates in school, and I suppose after they got to know each other they figured they'd work pretty well as a team. After they put out Castle Rider and Hyper Square with a few of their friends, I came along in the middle of Earthworm Alchemy's development, as I was looking for a job at a game studio. Then after Earthworm Alchemy launched, Max joined, and here we are now!

Is the response of the Game what you expected it to be?

We had been testing frequently throughout development, so we had a general sense of what to expect. But to be honest the response was quite more than what we expected. The many, many comments from people who said they were moved, some even to tears, was extremely humbling. We are very grateful for that.

How would you review Your Game? Why should people download it?

We began development on OPUS with a reasonably solid idea of our target audience, so I always bear this in mind when I introduce the game to people. It's a quiet, story-driven game, meant for relaxing nights and a good set of headphones. So if that is something you enjoy, then I'd definitely say you should give it a try, it'll likely be worth your time.






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