Q&A with the Makers of Car Washer :The Summer of The Ninja

November 14, 2015 altafhssn48


GMReviews had a Q&A with The Makers of Car Washer Summer of The Ninja.

Mr Josiah Lebowitz is the Designer, Writer, and Sprite Artist of the Game Car Washer Summer of The Ninja which is Available on Steam for Download. His book are available for Grab on Amazon,Be sure to check them out.

Here’s what he had to say about the questions asked to him. When asked about the game this is what he had to say:-

Who all are involved in the making of the Game?

Josiah Lebowitz (me): Designer, Writer, and Sprite Artist,Jessica Lang: Comic Artist,Nick Pfisterer: Music and Sound,Programming is a little more complicated.The first part was done by Paul Pardee and Nick Jepsen,Tim Machaud was the main programmer.But then Chris Dusold did the Steam specific stuff and some final cleanup.That's everyone.

What Inspired You to create this Game?

I applied for a game design job at a certainly company years back, and one thing they asked on the application was to write a one page pitch document  which would convince anyone who read it that a game called "Car Washer" would be a good idea.  Well, in the end I didn't get the job, but I liked my idea enough that, when looking for a small relatively simple game to make, I decided to run with it.

What is the best part of the Game according to You?

I think the music and art are fun, but it's the gameplay in the last third or so of story mode where I think the game is really at the strongest.  It gets really fast and furious by that point and some of the levels even give me a serious challenge.

Do you think this is the reason why your game is better than other games of the same Genre?

I do find that with a lot of casual games, I get bored with the story mode after a while, since the gameplay can't really keep up with my skill level.  Car Washer manages to retain a challenge.That said, I do find the earlier levels kind of slow and dull at this point.As do some reviews, it seems.But that's always the problem with a casual game, it's difficult to strike a good balance between introducing the game to less experienced players and making it engaging enough for more experienced ones.

Is the response of the Game what You thought it would be?

Responses are just starting to come in, so it's a bit early to say.  But I've heard from some people who really love it, and others who played for a few minutes, quit, and whine about how it's not challenging enough.  So yeah, more or less

How much have you invested on The Game ?

All together...about $2,500  Though I won $1,500 of that when I entered the demo in the Intel Level Up contest.So fairly inexpensive, even for a small indie game.

What's Your favourite Game ?

It gets harder and harder for me to pick just one...  Final Fantasy X is my go to answer, but Kingdom Hearts II, Metal Gear Solid 3, Chrono Cross, The World Ends With You, and a few others are all right up there with it.

What were Your previous Projects?

For games, I mostly did some mods and other small projects that aren't really worth going into detail about.  Most notable, I wrote some of the official tie-in novellas for EverQuest Next.  Though they're releasing those in chronological order, so they haven't got to mine yet.I've written several books though, both fantasy novels and a textbook, which are available on Amazon.

What all books have you written?

Well, I've written quite a lot, but the published ones are...Interactive Storytelling for Video Games, which is a textbook on story writing for video games.The Verities Silex trilogy.  A YA fantasy trilogy consisting of Guardian of the Stone, Defender of the Lost, and Someone to Love.There was a limited print run a while back, but right now the Silex books are only on Kindle.There are others, but they're currently unpublished.  Finding a new publisher is on my to-do list so I can get them out there, but lately I've been more focused on my next game.

How did this Transition took Place from a Writer to a Game Developer?

Actually, I've done both for quite a long time.  I started writing as a teenager and wanted to be a professional author, but that's a really difficult field to break into, and Final Fantasy VII really opened my eyes to the potential of storytelling in video games.So I studied game design in university and have gone back and forth between writing and game projects ever since.Car Washer is actually a little unusual compared to most of my game designs, in that the story isn't really a big focus.

What are your future Projects?

That's a long list...  But my main project right now is a Japanese style visual novel game titled Aurora's Nightmare.I'm doing a dev blog for it at http://penandswordgames.com/AurorasNightmare/

 How would You rate Your game?

On a 10 scale...  Probably 7.5  It's not perfect, but it's a lot of fun if you give it some time



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