Q&A with Et Cetera Creatives

November 27, 2015 altafhssn48

Et Cetera Creatives

GMReviews had a Short Q&A with Mr Andrew ( Game Developer/student ) about his Game. We wish him Luck for his Future.
Who all are involved in the making of the game?

It's just me.

What inspired you to create this game?

I started making it at first as a simple flash game. I had some ideas for stealth mechanics and a game about being a thief. At some point after starting I decided to try and create a story and fleshed out world because it was something I never really tried to do previously.

What is the best part of the Game according to you?

It’s a bit early to say for sure but I am hoping the exploration will capture players. You will be able to find different tools and things to upgrade your character. Also, there will be bits of lore hidden around, if you are curious, that will give more context to the world around you and the stories of characters.

When is the Game releasing Mr Andrew?

I am not certain yet but hopefully a year or so from now

What were your previous projects?

I've mostly been a hobbyist up to this point. Most of the things I've made have been short plat formers, side’s rollers and shooters. I'm currently a college student in the computer science field so this is the first big project I am really taking more seriously.

What's your Favourite Game?

Metroid Prime on the Nintendo GameCube.

How's life as a Game Developer/Student? How old are you?

It’s challenging but fun. Balancing free time can be difficult but I'm trying to do what I love. And I'm 21

Can you tell us more about the Game?

Sure. It is a 2D side scrolling plat former. It revolves around a 16-year-old boy who has to take care of himself and his younger sister. It takes place in a state ruled by an increasingly paranoid queen who is keeping people from leaving the state and is less than popular with the citizens. As I said, it focuses on exploration and stealth. The protagonist will be able to explore more of the world as he finds more items/upgrades.

Thank you for taking interest! I will be sure to let you know when it is done!