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November 18, 2015 altafhssn48

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GMReviews had Q&A Session with one of the most Humble Game Developers Mr. Eugene from Civil Savages. Civil Savages are the proud developer of The Successful Indie Game Dispatcher which has received a +85% (Very Positive) on Steam. Do check them Out.

Who all are involved in the making of the Game?

First of all, let me introduce myself. My name is Eugene, I also known as Jack ‘Savage’. I am the Civil Savages team leader. The core of our team consists of 4 people. We are not professional game designers, and have been developing games in our spare time. At the same time, with elements such as writing music, text translation into English and so on, we were helped by volunteers.

What inspired you to create this Game?

We love games and we want to contribute to the development of this amazing area of activity. In recent years, many tools such as game engines and 3D computer graphics software, became available to startup companies. So we decided to use this opportunity to create our game. When working on the Dispatcher, we studied in detail such famous stories, like the Alien movies, classic science fiction novels and, of course, we tried to follow the example of the most interesting and high-quality games in this genre.

What is the best part of the Game according to you?

Each team member tries to do best to players may to enjoy the game. Only the players can evaluate the results of our work.

Do you think this is the reason why your game is better than other games of the same Genre?

I think I will refrain from answering this question. Our task is to create the best game possible given our small resources. And let the players decide what to play.

What's your favorite Game?

It is impossible to choose one game. Each of us grows, thus changing interests. In every period of life we love different games. If I’ll try to remember the most loved game the last few years, I'll call “The Last of Us”.

What are your future Projects?

At the moment, we are continuing to work on the Dispatcher. Nevertheless, our screenwriter starts work on a new project. This will be a single-player game with a story campaign.

What were your previous Projects?

Dispatcher is our first commercial project. Previously, we only deal with small modes for different games.

How did you Form Your Team?

We met at a forum for developers who make mods for games. Screenwriter proposed the idea for game, and we enthusiastically began to develop. I want to underline that new developers should be careful about their ideas. Of course, each of us wants to make an AAA project. However, it is understood that a small team of enthusiasts will be able to make only a relatively small game.

Is the response of the Game what you thought it would be?

Unfortunately, we could not add to the game all that is planned. This is partly due to our little experience, partly due to the limitations of the engine, which is still under development. Nevertheless, the majority of players liked our game. In general, I believe that our first project brought us a lot of experience.

How's life as a Game Developer? How old are you?

Engage in the development of games, as well as any other favorite thing, is great. The main thing is to approach the development process seriously. My age and experience allow it. I am 29 years old. Other members of our team from 19 to 26 years.

Where did you do complete Your Education?

Of the members of your team only programmer has the appropriate education. Others have learned to the profession not related to game design, such as a chemical engineer and a doctor.

In conclusion, I want to thank the GMReviews team for organizing this interview. We are always open to dialogue with the players.

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