Q&A with C3P1 Creations

December 5, 2015 altafhssn48

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GMReviews had a Delightful Q&A with Mr Pete the Founder of C3P1 Creations.

Who all are involved in the making of the Game?

The game was designed and developed mainly by me; I did the design, art, programming, and audio. Although I wouldn't be telling the whole truth if I didn't mention my family... they have been very instrumental in adding new elements to the concept during development. Since I work out of my home, my wife and kids get to see the project and have lots of input on the game. Many of the characters in the game were inspired by my children!

What about Flapping in the wind?

Flapping in the Wind was originally inspired by Flappy Bird, but I wanted to make a game that had different gameplay elements - along with the obvious element of wind which we added, we also added more objects to the world, live enemies, and a lot of interesting characters to unlock.

What inspired you to create these Games?

We love games that have quirky humour in them. This is a big inspiration in all we do. We also love casual games with a retro feel.

What is the best part of the Game According to you?

The overall fun experience of playing. I think we really got the game to be fun. We want people to laugh while they play. We also wanted to keep the game controls simple, given it's a mobile game. It's easy to start playing the first time and have fun immediately.

What is your favourite Game?

Also, the premise of the game is absurd and funny, which adds to the interest of the game: that llamas hate haircuts and the player must keep the llamas away from the deadly scissors that are trying to give the llamas a haircut. Absurd, but funny.

We don't have much time for console gaming these days, so most of our game playing is done on mobile devices. Recently, we have liked Crossy Road. Smashy Road: Wanted is also getting a lot of our attention.

What is your favourite among your Games?

That is like asking me to choose which one of my children is my favourite - I love them all in different ways. I really like the absurd premise and the humour in LLamarama; but I love Flapping in the Wind just as much, with its funny characters and interesting worlds.

What are your Future Projects?

We just released a holiday update for LLamarama that has some new characters, so that has taken a lot of time recently. Next up we are working on two games: the first (which should be live by Christmas) is a hilarious retro 2D overhead driving game, inspired by the exhilaration of crashing into things with a fast car. The game after that is a plat former, inspired by the old Atari game Pitfall and large, hairy creatures.

What were your Previous Projects?

Our project just prior to LLamarama was a 3D game called Jumpy Balls. It is a fast game that tests the player's reaction. It's set in a colourful, endless geometric world that is ever-changing. The characters in the game are very interesting and include Genghis Khan, Abraham Lincoln, and the infamous Drunk Snorkeler.

How did you form C3P1 Creations?

I have a background in corporate finance, but had a lot of programming in high school and college. Due to some life changes, two or three years ago, I decided to hang up the finance career and start an indie development company. I'm very passionate about what I do and could spend all day and all night making games... as an indie developer, I get to use so many skills (digital art, programming, audio, etc.) that I am never bored.

Is the response of the Game what you thought it would be?

Yes! People have had so much fun playing the game! It's really gaining a cult following.