Q&A with Death Flight

June 29, 2016 altafhssn48

Death Flight

GMReviews had an interesting Interview with Mr. Hristo Lilov, The mind behind Death Flight

Who all are involved in making the Game( Death Flight )?

Just me. I did all the coding, testing, promotional graphics and all the other stuff. The graphics come from an asset pack.

Is Death Flight your first game? And where did you learn the art of game development

No, it’s the second one I have published. There are also 5-6 other projects that I have started and abandoned, or delayed for various reasons. I learned to make games working in a local game studio. We were porting a browser game to mobile devices there and using Unity for that. I got hooked to the engine and started experimenting at home with it. Then I started getting some freelance jobs. All of this accumulates to over 3 years of experience with the engine.

Tell us more about your future projects

Right now I am focused on improving Death Flight. In the future, I have a couple of ideas - A physics game, a different kind of endless runner and a vehicle builder and racer. What path I will take depends on the success of Death Flight. In any case I will need to form a team to realize them ☺

How much have you invested in the game ( Death Flight )?

About 2 months of on and off work. In terms of money - less than 100$. I am working on a really tight budget and am keeping costs to a bare minimum.

How would you review Death Flight ?

I am biased so I’ll just say what the users have said - It's an original take on the endless runner genre. Infuriating, but addictive.

It still needs some work and I am looking forward to delivering the finished product

Is this the response you expected?

Yes, it is exactly what I wanted. My aim was to make a simple mechanic that is easy to get in and has a high skill cap. The leaderboards are what drives people to become better and better. What I did not expect are the insane amount of valuable suggestions from the community. I am currently working on them.

What are your thought about the Google Play Services?

I love how easy they are to integrate and the functionality they offer. What I don't like is that they forbid me from editing achievements and resetting leaderboards. Once something is published - you are married to it. There are also a couple of bugs with their API. For example - Login does not work on my Lenovo A536 phone.

Can you tell us about yourself?

My name is Hristo Lilov, I am 24 years old. I live in Sofia, Bulgaria and I have been passionate about games and game development since I was a little kid.