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November 22, 2015 altafhssn48

Kumari 21F GMReviews

Kumari 21F after a huge round of promotions,has come to audience!! It’s directed by Surya Pratap but gained more importance as it was the first movie under the banner of Sukumar!!

It stars Raj Tharun and Hebbah Patel in the lead roles.Moreover the film belongs to Kumari played by Hebbah Patel, she is very bold in appearance and also has good acting skills as a mischievous girl with modern outlook and Hebbah gives her best!

kumari review gmreviews

Coming to the story, it’s a youthful entertainer with a different outlook.Here in the story we can see Kumari (Hebbah), a model working in ads and films, is a bold girl who comes to Hyderabad from Mumbai and lives in a middle-class colony with her ailing grandfather.

The local boy Siddhu (Raj Tharun), who aspires to settle in Singapore as chef, meets her accidentally one night. On the very first meet, she proposes him and kisses him.

kumari GMReviews

As soon as he starts getting closer to her, Siddhu often gets confused with Kumari’s bold and daring attitude. Even though he is neck deep in love, Siddhu keeps suspecting Kumari’s character and her past.One fine day, his suspicious attitude creates a huge rift between the couple and they break up. But somewhere in his heart, Siddhu still loves Kumari and decides to go against all odds to win his love back.

What happens to him now? Will he be success in his love? Will Kumari accepts his suspicious nature?

21f GMReviews

To know this you must definitely watch the movie!!

What you wouldn’t want to miss

  1. The second half and climax
  2. The songs (DSP had really gave a great music)

What you would like to miss

  1. Over Boldness of heroin (which make some scenes really awkward).
  2. it’s hard to connect with family audience.

    GMR Rating

Story 3
Action 2
Music 3
Visual Effects 3
Fun Factor 2
Total Rating 3.5


Kumari 21F

Rated 3.5/5 based on 2 reviews

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