Express Raja Review | Sharwanand,Surabhi

January 18, 2016 altafhssn48

Express Raja Review
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Express Raja is a medium budget romantic comedy film featuring Sharwanand and Surabhi in the lead roles. The promos of the film have garnered a lot of attention and its hype helped the film sell its theatrical right sell at a record price. The distributors booked around 500 screens around the world.

Raja (Sharwanad) is the reckless son of an honest father who does a lot of social service. Along with his cousin Seenu (Prabhas Seenu), he spends his days drinking and causing trouble despite being insulted by his father numerous times.

Express Raja Review
Music was Awesome!!

One fine day, Raja spots Ammu(Surabhi) and falls head over heels for her. He even kidnaps a small puppy to impress her. Post this kidnapping, hell breaks loose as different characters start entering the scene and cause even more confusion in the plot.

The issue is many unnecessary tracks like Kesava Reddy (Uttaman) and his mother's (Urvashi) episode also come in during the course of the film. Towards the end, there is another recording troupe's farce drama, which could have been avoidable and don't make impact to the screenplay.

Express Raja Review
Sharwanand in Express Raja

Sharvanand character reminds us of Run Raja Run. He is energetic and enthusiastic in the lead role. He puts his comic timing to good use. Surabhi is okay as the female lead. Prabhas Srinu got a full length character and he did well. Saptagiri is hilarious. Urvashi is irritating. Shakalaka Shankar entertains. Dhanraj's character is used well. Harish is good as the baddie. All the characters have purpose and everyone did a good job in their respective roles.

Express Raja Review
Worth Watching

Total Rating : 3.5/5

Express Raja

Rated 3.5/5 based on 40 reviews

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