Deflect ! Review

November 20, 2015 altafhssn48

Deflect! Review

Are you fun loving ?

Looking for a great challenge ?!

Then here is your challenge !


Well DEFLECT ! is a wonderful game developed by DigiJAM studios…

Its available on Google playstore and works on android versions 4.0.3 and works on full network access!!All you need to play this game is to download it ,install it on your android and start the game!!Its easy,simpleand fun to play but yet hard to master it as you need to train your reaction speed!!!

 You need to just DEFLECT the pellets into the containers…You can also challenge yourself with two different game modes: Classic and Time Trials! (more to come in the future)Even the graphics are very simple and colourful with an additional night/neon skin which is unlockable!!

You can also share your scores with friend on facebook and make the game more challenging!1It also fixes the Bugs for better gaming experience!!Then what else are you looking for ?! Hurry up and give it a try !!

What you don’t want to miss:

1.You can challenge yourself with multiple game modes..!

2.You can share your scores with friends on facebook!!